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If not Science Or Commerce Stream Then Explore Varied Opportunities in Humanities/Arts

Updated: May 30, 2021

Career Planning is an integral part of career success which must start particularly during school studies in the 10th grade when the decision on stream or subject selection becomes very crucial. It is the era of survival of the fittest who possess adequate relevant knowledge, skills, and attitude towards the career profile.

With the globalization of the economy and Atmanirbhar Bharat, there are ample career options than it used to be before. Every stream of study has equal career opportunities. But one needs expertise in his wisely chosen domain area to remain job-relevant and sought after the organization.

There is a common belief that the Science stream of subjects is the most elite compared to commerce and humanities. The majority of students and parents are of the view that the advantage of choosing the science stream indeed is that one can shift to the other two streams i.e. humanities & commerce after 10+2. Parents and students often think that this opens up the gateway to a large number of career & course options even if one cannot make it to engineering, medicine, etc.

"But to me, it means keeping many entry doors to enter a home and getting confused to select an entry gate. Therefore a home should have one entry and one exit for an emergency. Similarly, the subjects must be selected for a definite career option or along with one backup career option."

If one is very clear that science or commerce is not the cup of tea, then there is no point in wasting two precious years simply because it keeps many options open and later gets into utter confusion with messing up the career. It will be wise to explore the varied opportunities in the field of Arts/Humanities waiting for you.

The Humanities subjects nowadays are very relevant in Science, Technology, Creative, Numerical, Managerial, etc domains as all disciplines have become interdisciplinary with more of the human and social interface.

Many organizations have discovered humanities majors make excellent managers in decision making, programming, data analysis, artificial intelligence, finance, creativity, policy implementation, etc.

Hence, if you have an aptitude and interest for the Humanities subjects then please go ahead in choosing the stream without any second thought and contribute to the technical, social, and economic fabric of the ecosystem.

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Jul 17, 2021

Need to know more on liberal arts career in arts stream......great post by the way!!!!

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